How To Choose Between SSD Or HDD For Gaming Performance

All gamers know the difference between HDD and SSD. But, what if you are not one of them and you are considering purchasing a new HDD or SSD in order to improve the gaming performance in a Laptop and Desktop Computer? In the lack of a better word, the answer how and what to choose is complicated. There are a lot of factors to know first.

HDD for gaming

HDD For GamingWhen it comes to hard drives, they are decent for gaming. You can find cheap models with 1TB of capacity, meaning that you will have plenty of space to install and run all your games. They are also easier to find and there are a lot of available versions.

All gamers do need plenty of space, so we can deduce that the minimum size of an HDD should be around 512GB. Of course, the more, the merrier. When it comes to reliability, HDDs are reasonably reliable and durable.

SSD for gaming

SSD for gamingWhile HDDs are a good choice, SSDs are an ideal choice. They will make your computer run much faster, therefore gaming will be more appealing as well. They use less energy and they are more durable, while they produce less heat and noise. All of this makes them ideal for all users, not only gamers.

But, an SSD of 512GB, which is still needed for gamers, is more than just expensive. Chances are likely that you will be able to afford 128/256GB units, which are barely sufficient for hardcore gamers. It is just a matter of time when you will need more space. You must know that the operating system should be installed on SSD or primary drive in order to get the advantages we have mentioned.

Differences in gaming between SSD and HDD

gaming between SSD and HDDThis is one of the most common questions here. Are there and which differences can be noticed in gaming between these two drive types. Sadly, differences are minimal. We have tested several, demanding games on the same computer, when it was equipped with HDD and later when it was upgraded to SSD. The results were almost the same.

First of all, the graphics will stay the same. Even the frame rate is the same or slightly improved in the case with SSD. All the others, associated parameters were the same as well.

But, there are a few advantages the SSD offers. Loading times have been significantly reduced, which makes the overall impression better. Then we have the situations when a game will have to fetch a file from the storage space. These times are lower as well. The last, but not least, playing and navigating a game feels faster. All of this is important improvements indeed and they may have a huge effect on you.

The only advantage HDD has is the space. You will be able to install a lot of games on a storage drive which costs the same as SSD. So, if you are a gamer who is on a tight budget, HDD may be the best option. After all, you will still be able to play all the games which your computer can support.

To summarize the things up, both SSD and HDD offer almost identical gaming performances, except SSD, is slightly better thanks to faster loading times and better overall performances. Other than that, there are no major differences. So, if you are planning to upgrade your computer to an SSD just to be able to play newer games, you shouldn’t do it. You will be able to play the same games as with HDD.

What’s the point of SSD?

point of SSD

An SSD drive will truly transform your computer while using it for everyday operations. For example, the operating speed is more than just higher and actually up to 10 times better. Then we have a much faster operating system start. A computer with an SSD is able to boot and start in seconds, while a version with HDD requires minutes.

SSD also makes less noise, which also has a positive effect on the computer use. Let’s not forget that they are more reliable and safer, which is crucial for gamers. All your files will stay safe and secured as long as you need them.

SSD is also more resistant to vibrations and movements, which is important for laptop users. HDDs are sensitive and may malfunction if exposed to high-intensity shocks over a longer period of time. This is the main reason why you must completely turn off your laptop before carrying it.

In the aforementioned case with a laptop, we must add that SSD will improve the battery life and also make less heat, which makes using the laptop more pleasant.

In essence, SSD is much better option than HDD but still won’t make a lot of improvements for gamers.

Factors to consider when choosing between HDD and SSD

choosing between HDD and SSD

Still, most of you are considering to upgrade their computer with an SSD or an HDD with a bigger capacity. Should you do it? There is no a definite answer here, so you will have to take into account several factors mentioned below.


If a budget allows you, go for an SSD. Yes, your gaming will stay almost the same, but your computer will be faster which makes gaming and multitasking a bit better. Then we have advantages such as reliability, power consumption and etc. Just remember that nowadays, you will need an SSD of 256GB or more. Anything below that will soon become an issue.

If a budget doesn’t allow you SSD with a desirable capacity, go for HDD. They are far more affordable and you will still be able to play the games.

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How many games do you play?

All of you who play just one game and plan to play only it in the near future are free to choose SSD with a smaller capacity, which will be sufficient for the game. But, if you play more than 4 games, you will need a storage space of 256GB capacity at least. This means either an HDD of massive capacity or SSD with sufficient capacity, which is more than just expensive.

Does hitching annoy you?

Hitching is a term used when gamers play open world games. Due to specific issues, a game won’t be able to pull a specific file at the desirable moment, meaning that there will be a short pause. This issue is more than just annoying for most gamers, simply due to the fact it affects gaming and can make your success poorer in some games which incorporate battles or precise mission.

All HDDs will cause hitching at some point, just because their transferring speed isn’t optimized for this. The best HDD will provide 170MB/s, while the most affordable SSD will provide 400MB/s. This is the main reason why SSDs are so better. If hitching is annoying for you and it occurs all the time, solving the problem involves purchasing an SSD.

Space you need and use

How much of space do you use besides for games? If you are an internet user, you probably don’t use it at all. If you are a movie addict, you will always want to store the best movies on your drive, meaning that you will use tons of space. This is actually one of the main factors to consider. Yes, games do require a lot of space, but so other files. Then you must know that all operating systems require more than 1/3 of space free to operate properly.

An average user needs around 128GB minimum. Anything less than that isn’t a wise decision to make. A much better choice is 256GB, but anything above that is even better. In essence, if you don’t keep a lot of files on your drive and you use a computer for gaming only, an SSD with a smaller capacity is a great choice. In any other case, you will need an HDD with a lot of space.

Additional space in a computer case

Some gamers have invested tons of money into their cases, so no they are filled with a variety of components. If you are one of them, you know how much space inside a case is important. Well, there is no other way to say this than you must get an SSD. They use far less space due to smaller dimensions compared to HDD. You don’t even have to fit it to the case. Because it doesn’t have movable parts, an SSD can be moved all around a case and it won’t get damaged. Installing an SSD will give you additional space you may need.

SSDs are faster than HDDs


At the end we must say that upgrading a computer with an SSD just for gaming, isn’t a smart thing to do. It is better to add RAM or to replace a graphics card. But, if you are looking for a way to make your computer better, an SSD is more than just a great choice. Try to remember all of the factors we listed above. They can assist you with the choice.

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