• How to restore configuration settings from a backup file?
  • On the same “Backup and Restore” page under the System Tools menu in the web-based management page, click on the “Browse” button. Do this to find the saved configuration file on your local computer that you want to restore.

    Then, click on the “Restore” button to update all configuration settings through the file you have input.

    Note: The current configuration settings on the device will be covered with the configuration file being uploaded.

    Also, the restored configuration settings will last for at least 20 seconds and once done; the device will restart automatically. Keep the device’s power on during the process to avoid any damage.

    1. How to log in on your TP Link range extender’s web-based management page after a reset?

    Access the TP Link range extender web-based management page by opening the web browser and then typing in the domain name “http://tplinkrepeater.net” of the TP Link range extender. Log in to the management page by using the factory default settings credentials. Both the default username and password are “admin” in all small letters.

    Login/Register access is temporary disabled