How to Increase the Gaming Performance of Your Laptop

November 3, 2018

Laptop gaming is already common nowadays thanks to the availability of options from gaming companies who have created PC-based games aside from console-centered ones. Hence, optimizing your laptop to reach its gaming performance powers is essential for a better out-of-the-console experience.

Many are opting to purchase gaming laptops or PCs instead of the usual consoles because of its numerous uses. Aside from the conventional gaming function, you can use it for internet browsing, watching movies, and even work. Thus, making it deemed more useful and valuable.

Some gaming laptops also struggle with gaming performance. It can slow down a bit, lag, or even shut down at times when it does not meet the necessary maintenance needed. If you are investing in your gaming experience, here’s what you can do to increase your laptop’s gaming power and reliability.

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  • Prevent your gaming laptop from overheating

eSports Competitive Gamer in a StadiumAny overheating device may result in lasting damage that can permanently affect your gadget. Gaming laptops, for one, are prone to overheating due to extended hours of usage. If you are concern about maintaining and uplifting your gaming performance, make sure to upgrade your laptop hardware components.

Keep your gaming device in a cool and dry place that will prevent overheating. Not only would you become complacent about its excellent performance, but it will also prolong your laptop’s lifespan and dependability.


  • Upgrade necessary drivers


If you wish to boost your laptop’s gaming performance, ensure that you have updated drivers that you can rely on. Graphics drivers, for instance, are essential for your gaming laptop to give you an outstanding gaming experience through impressive graphics that bolster the effects and colors of your preferred game.

Updating your drivers can result in a faster response from your laptop as well as some bug fixes from current versions you have a problem with. This way, you are sure that you are using your device to its full potential.


  • Increase memory allocation


The bigger the memory, the faster the device can turn out to be. You also do not have to fear about saving game data and overwriting existing data to make space for new ones. Better memory allocation is necessary, especially if you are into hardcore online games that require specific device requirements and accessories.

Upgrade your RAM and video cards. Choose the best quality ones to make the most of your gaming performance. It is also highly advisable to invest in good parts than concentrate on the laptop’s aesthetics.


  • Adjust the laptop’s power setting


Gaming laptops are meant to be used for more extended periods continuously. Hence, the secret to it is its manageable power source. If you want to boost your gaming performance, make sure that you have permanent power resources that can maintain your laptop’s battery life.

Doing so can give your hours of playing time and retain your current stage experience. Ensure that all outlets match the preferred voltage of your device to avoid accidents and any harmful events that can lead to fire and other life-threatening damages.


  • Turn down running background applications.

If you are already limiting memory usage of your gaming laptop, it is recommended that you close all running apps in the background. This way, your computer can rely better on its Asian Teen Playing or Working on a Laptop Computermemory to further perform and increase game excitement without any form of hassle.

Running applications can eat up memory as well as bandwidth (if internet-reliant) that can distress your game performance. Moreover, closing down said applications can improve your gaming device’s speed and receptiveness.


  • Boost your network speed

Online games are internet-dependent. To avoid lags and gaming inconvenience, you must have a fast internet connection. Some online games require precise connection specifications to run the game properly and get the ideal graphics presentation.

Your network connection speed can make or break you. If your game is solely dependent online, you should have a reliable internet service provider and speed to have a better gaming performance that prevents lags, errors, and other data-saving dilemmas.


  • Only allow necessary updates.

To have a more reliable gaming laptop, make way for manual updates to avoid interruptions due to automatic ones. Automatic updates can interfere with your game if you do not know the exact schedule when it will occur.

Turning to manual updating can save you from a lot of hassles and can help you maximize your gaming time as it would not also incur memory usage. This way, you can achieve a faster gaming performance with no stoppage from the frequent need for automatic updating.


  • Restart regularly

Restarting on a regular basis can give your gaming laptop a boost. If you are taking a mini break from gaming, your computer should take a break as well. Doing so can help it refresh programs as well as its hardware components that may tend to result in faster performance right after.

Your video card and your processor may thank you for doing such restart. It will enable the device to rejuvenate for another long haul of gaming. This way, you can also help your device to extend its life while maintaining its quality performance.


  • Clean your laptop regularly.

Dusting-off your laptop can mean a lot. This will ensure that no other hazardous dust and dirt can build up on your hardware and affect it significantly. Also, it will serve as a promising way to maintain your device and prevent enormous damage that can cause you money.

headphones on the laptopCleaning on a regular basis can mean a longer lifespan for your device and even minor maintenance. Also, make sure that you are storing your device in a clean place to avoid accumulating dust and dirt that can compromise it.


  • Prioritizing your laptop’s gaming performance

Gaming laptops are made explicitly for this purpose. Thus, its components are a lot more advanced than regular laptops meant to use only for work and education. Given the more improved gears could also expect a more legal and proper maintenance requirement.

If you notice sudden slow down from your device, be attentive about it. Observe and inspect where the changes come from so you can prevent further impairment as early as possible. Doing so can also save you from sudden expenses for parts replacement.

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