Gaming Laptops vs. Normal Ones: Which is Better?

November 3, 2018

Most people presume that gaming laptops are only for gamers, primarily due to how it is called. However, any techno-geek would know that laptops for gaming were named that way due to their capacity. It all boils down to basics. Smaller laptops equate lower capacities whereas bigger laptops are associated with higher specs and hardware.

But then again, how will you know for sure that you need a laptop for gaming? Provided below are the signs that you need to watch out for to see if a gaming laptop is for you.

1. You Use High-Memory Software

High-Memory SoftwareIf you are a secretary or salesperson, then perhaps there is no need for a gaming laptop seeing as your computer needs are limited to Office software. On the other hand, if you are someone like an author, photographer, video editor, graphic artist and the like, then you will have a desperate need for a laptop for gaming.

Sure, you can easily purchase a bigger memory to replace your old one. Unfortunately, this is just about a laptop’s storage space. It is also about your computer’s performance. Depending on your current profession or course, you will need a laptop that is fast enough to conduct your tasks.

For example, if you need to create graphics in Adobe Illustrator frequently, then you will certainly require a bigger RAM and storage space. Upgrading those components is possible. However, since you are doing this for professional purposes, then speed is vital in your processes. When you have limited memory, the performance will undoubtedly lag at some point. Thus your output will perish.


2. Your Laptop Is Your Entertainment Apparatus

Entertainment ApparatusFor some people, their computer is their main form of enjoyment. If you are a digital artist, locked to your monitor all day long, you would want to take a day off and just play a couple of video games on your laptop. If not, then you would want to lie in bed and watch movies for the whole time.

These activities will only be fun if your laptop can accommodate your wants. A low-memory and lagging laptop will only induce more stress for you.

What is remarkable about the best gaming laptops under 1500$ is that they can accommodate any task. These types of computers were specifically programmed for high-end functioning. One of the reasons gaming laptops were tagged that way was because computer games often require lots of disk space, not to mention video cards and processing power. It is because of this that gaming laptops are considered to be a high-end computer due to their hardware and specs. Therefore, whether your plan to play all day or watch Netflix until the sun is down, you can expect continuous service.


3. You Want a Laptop that Lasts Longer

Due to the high-end software and hardware of gaming laptops, they tend to live longer compared to typical computers.

Most people have to upgrade their laptop hardware to make the most out of it. However, with a gaming laptop, a frequent upgrade is not required because the specs are perfectly capable of running high-performance tasks and can ride along with newer laptop capabilities.

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4. You Want to be a Travel Blogger

Man Using Laptop on a CliffIn the beginning, you will be starting off with a few pieces of articles to put on your blog. However, as soon as your subscribers start to grow there will be a need to utilize a different media. That is when video creation and podcasting will start to come in handy.

At that point, you will be required to utilize different software. Using an ordinary laptop, two things can happen. It is either it takes you forever to finish your podcast or video blog, or you will run out of memory which will prevent you from ever finishing.

In this kind of venture, it is beneficial to have a powerful laptop that can support the requirements of your software.


What Is the Difference Between an Ordinary Laptop and a Gaming One?

While you always hear from the crowd that gaming laptops have higher capacities compared to an ordinary one, you remain to be clueless about the details. Provided below are some of the factors contributing to the remarkable power of gaming laptops.


1. Spec Tables Are Impressive

Compared to other top-of-the-line computers, gaming laptops are not exactly built for portability. You can still bring them on your ventures. However, they will not be as lightweight compared to ordinary laptops.

The reason for this is to provide maximum capacity and performance for the user. With higher performance comes a need for bigger components. Thus, gaming laptops are usually tighter and heavier than a typical laptop.

Despite the remarkability of gaming laptops, they are still on their path to development. In the past, you cannot take a gaming laptop to distant places since the battery goes down pretty fast. You need to always be near an electric socket to use it for long periods of time. However, with the help of technological advancement, manufacturers successfully created lengthened battery lives.2


2. They Are Not Portable

Even though manufacturers managed to create improvements for the batteries of gaming laptops, you would still need to charge it once in a while if you intend to use it for long periods. However, this is not much of a bad thing because the insufficiency in battery life only goes to show the amount of electricity is being used for better performance of the computer.

Perhaps, the only trouble with gaming laptops is that you cannot work with them on the go. For someone who only intends to bring the gaming laptop for document saving, then it may not be that big of a deal. However, if you are using the laptop for work purposes, then you are going to need some extra batteries.

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3. They Are Expensive

It is important to note that gaming laptops are a lot more costly compared to ordinary ones. That may seem unfair for someone who only uses laptops for social media or Office software. However, for people who are required to use different kinds of heavy software, then the price is worth it seeing as they will greatly benefit on the performance and speed of the computer.

At the end of the day, what urge people to purchase gaming laptops is their computer requirements. Some software or tasks require a laptop with bigger capacity. In the opinion of many, that is something a gaming laptop can provide.

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Advantages of Using a Laptop for Gaming

Because buying a gaming laptop can mean a dent on one’s wallet, it is essential to think about the perks and make an estimation if the purchase is worth it. Below are some of the perks you will be enjoying with a gaming computer.


1. Specs Customization

Specs CustomizationMost people choose among a variety of specs when they purchase a laptop. However, when you buy a laptop for gaming, you do not just choose the specs. You decide them.

You have the license to dictate what type of hardware and specs you want for your unit; then the manufacturer will comply with your requests.2

2. Audio

Audio quality is a huge part of the entire gaming experience. However, whether you are using the laptop for gaming for playing or otherwise, you will still appreciate the high-end sound that it offers.

Because of the clear and crispy sound, you do not have to carry headphones or speakers to enjoy maximum quality.3

3. Performance

Most people take an interest in laptop for gaming primarily due to its performance. Some people complain that laptop for gaming are heavy and have a weak battery. However, this only happens because lots of hardware and energy is needed for high-end performance.


Disadvantages of Using a Laptop for Gaming

For the right reasons, buying a laptop for gaming would be quite a wonderful experience. However, purchasing a laptop for gaming can be a disappointment.

Because laptop for gaming has a heightened capacity compared to ordinary ones, people sometimes theorize that using one will eradicate any current computer issue that they face. Laptop for gaming may have bigger and better specs compared to regular computers. However, that does not mean they are free from inconveniences. To tip you off, here are some of the disadvantages you may face using a laptop for gaming.

1. Heat

laptop heatIn theory, you may think that gaming lap laptop for gaming tops are only capable of giving you marvelous fun. However, concerning computer, high-performance gaming or other tasks requires tremendous heat.

An ordinary laptop would heat up when it is continuously being used for long periods of time. Therefore, something with the capacity of a laptop for gaming will heat up faster since its high-end performance produces more heat than a regular laptop.

If one is not aware on how to keep their laptop for gaming cool, then the heating will eventually damage the laptop itself.

Even though heating of laptop for gaming can lead to damage, not to mention cause other accidents, it is not a good enough reason to prevent anyone from purchasing a laptop for gaming if they are really in need of one.

After all, if laptop heating were really a serious case, then the computer industry would have been suffering by now. It boils down to knowing how to keep your laptop cool.

First of all, it is important to keep your laptop clean. Dirt and other debris can cause blockage of air vents, which is primarily what causes heating. Remove dirt from your laptop often and bring it to a professional once in a while for a thorough internal cleaning.

Be mindful of your environment. People buy cooling cases or pads to prevent their laptops from heating up, but no amount of technology can battle intense heat from the sun. So, one has to choose a proper place to use one’s laptop seeing as exposure to a warm area can trigger heating for laptops.

Do not place the laptop on your lap. People presume that because it is called a laptop that using it on one’s lap is the proper usage. However, numerous incidents have already occurred due to the lying of one’s laptop on the legs, resulting in skin burning.

2. Weight

WeightPeople expect to play computer games even when they are outdoors, which was primarily what led them to purchase a laptop for gaming due to its high-performance and capacity.

It is often forgotten that with the kind of hardware laptop for gaming have, they are also quite heavy, and thus they are not amenable to be brought on personal or business ventures.

Most people who buy laptops for gaming are not actually gamers. People who purchase laptops for gaming are not after portability. Rather, they seek performance.

3. Lack of Power

Because laptops for gaming were programmed to perform complicated tasks, they are not well-known for long-lasting battery life.

Buyers often find themselves disappointed in realizing that they cannot utilize their laptop for gaming as often as they expected due to low battery.

The solution to this problem lies on the usage of the owner. If one is using the laptop for business, then he should be aware on how to prioritize usage times for the laptop. Meaning to say, he should only use the laptop for work-related matters, especially when he is outdoors. As for gaming and entertainment purposes, he should only do so when he is near a power socket.

4. The Cost

laptop costWhile some people are fine with expensive laptops, the vast majority do not find it fair to pay so much for a single computer.

At this point, it is important to consider your needs. While laptop for gaming does offer more performance perks compared to a regular computer, most people do not need a computer with high-end capabilities.

Most people who purchase laptops only do so to create PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and the like, and thus they do not have much use for a laptop for gaming. It is important to determine if the inclination to buy a laptop for gaming is to serve one’s needs or wants.

If one’s decision to buy a laptop for gaming was grounded on the wants of the person, he is most likely to regret the purchase later on.


Things to Consider When Buying a Laptop for Gaming

Whether you need a laptop for gaming for play or professional use, it is essential to know how to look for the right one. Choosing the right laptop may seem self-evident. However, beneath the surface, there are internal features that should not be overlooked. These are aspects that you need to consider when looking for a laptop for gaming.

1. Cooling

Laptop CoolingLaptop for gaming was programmed for heavy-duty performance; thus it tends to produce more heat compared to regular computers. To ensure your own productivity, not to mention the life of the laptop, it is essential to look for one that has a decent cooling capacity.

Buying a laptop for gaming is an investment seeing as these things do not come cheap. Therefore, buying a low-cooling laptop for gaming will result in a higher expense in the future.

2. Keyboard

The keyboard is an inherent flaw in gaming laptops. The keyboards cannot easily be replaced. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the laptop you purchase is already equipped with the right one.

Most people fall into the trap of thinking that high-end brands or companies are sure to provide only great-quality products. These laptops for gaming may have come from a decent company. However, that is not to say that there are no flaws in the production of the laptop. Computer shops do not usually have a good eye for these things. It is up to the buyer to inspect the product before making the purchase.

While some vendors provide only the best materials for their laptops, plenty of them would leverage their business and utilize cheap keyboards and sell them as prograde. To be on the safe side, you might as well stick to MSI brands that are connected with SteelSeries. Most people online are recommending them through good reviews.

MSI Titan Keywboard

3. Visual Experience

It is essential to know how to analyze visual displays on a laptop for gaming. Reading the internal capacities of a normal laptop is quite different from a gaming computer.

For instance, a 4K visual display may look cool when you are in static mode. However, when you delve more complicated tasks, the quality will start to fluctuate if there is no high refresh rate or if there is low response time.

Computer manufacturers have already managed to produce computer displays with 240Hz capacities. However, this evolution has not reached laptop for gaming just yet. As of the moment, the best you can do is stick to the maximum 120Hz.



There is a continued debate between which laptop is better: the normal one or the gaming laptop. But at the end of the day, it all boils down to system requirement. If you are in for simple computer processing, an ordinary laptop would be a good deal. However, if you require heavy performance, then a gaming laptop may be worth considering. Just take note that beneath all this, purchasing one is an investment; thus it is essential that you be critical when choosing the one.

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