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7 Best Plasma Lighter (Reviewed 2020) Top Electric Lighters

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Are you looking for the Best Plasma lighter? Then you landed on the right page! Upon Reviewing everything, these lighters are more efficient as compared to the older and traditional lighters that are fueled with butane.

Plasma lighters do not produce a flame that can be blown out by the wind. It provides an arc plasma flame that is even hotter compared to fire.

Lighters are very handy. If you want are a fan of the outdoors, and you love to go camping, a lighter is a portable and lightweight tool you can always bring with you. It is even more efficient than lighting a match as you can often run out of matchsticks.

Electric plasma lighter can also come conveniently for lighting a cigarette, candles, a gas stove, or anything else you would need to light.

The lighter has become one of the essential accessories that people carry these days. If you are a smoker, you cannot be without one.

The matchbook seems to have lost its cache, and the “best plasma lighters” are not only functional but also add to a person’s sense of style.

If you look at many of the different smoke shops that you can visit today, You will find several that offer different kinds of lighters for people to buy. It is not only the way that the lighter works, but the feel of it and the look that is attracting a more significant number of consumers today.

Find out why it’s a lot better to exchange your match or traditional flame-emitting lighters for the top-rated plasma lighter review in the market.

Comparison Table

7 of the Best Plasma Lighters of 2020

We have Updated our list of the top plasma lighters that people love! This is only 7 from the top list(SHORTLISTED), This is based on reviews and research that we conducted this 2018



KCASA KC-MT15 USB Charge Arc Lighter Portable Windproof Personality Electronic Lighters Novelty Electric Lighter Ignitor Starter



  • This lighter is flameless so it is unaffected by wind or water. Use it under any conditions; rain or shine. Since it doesn't contain any dangerous fuel its also airport safe.
  • Built-in strong powerful USB Rechargeable Li-ion battery and will provide ignitions on a full charge, and it can be connected to the charger or computer / mobile / power bank and any other standard USB port.
  • Butane free, no threat to your health; 10 seconds automatically shut down and the slide in and out design, prevent from the accident of children to touch, make your family life safer. (Note: USB interface doesn’t touch with water, otherwise it won't be charged)
  • Windproof, compact and portable, can instantly light dry leaves, party candles, and any combustible materials; best choice for outdoor BBQ Camping, traveling and for the indoor, bar, and other social places.


KCASA KC-LF56 ELPLORER New Waterproof Double Arc Lighter USB Rechargeable Lighter Fire Starting Gear Windproof Electronic BBQ Ignitor Starter



  • This lighter is flameless so it is unaffected by wind or water. Use it under any conditions; rain or shine. Since it doesn't contain any dangerous fuel its also airport safe.
  • Built-in strong powerful USB Rechargeable Li-ion battery and will provide ignitions on a full charge, and it can be connected to the charger or computer / mobile / power bank and any other standard USB port.
  • Butane free, no threat to your health; 10 seconds automatically shut down and the slide in and out design, prevent from the accident of children to touch, make your family life safer. (Note: USB interface doesn’t touch with water, otherwise it won't be charged)
  • Windproof, compact and portable, can instantly light dry leaves, party candles, and any combustible materials; best choice for outdoor BBQ Camping, traveling and for the indoor, bar, and other social places.


IPRee USB Arc Lighter Ignitor Electric Pulsed Ignitor Starter Kitchen Camping Ignition Gun

IPRee® USB Arc Lighter Ignitor


  • Powered by a rechargeable battery. No gas or fuel is required.
  • Can be charged by using USB Slot and does not need to fill any fuel into it.
  • Does not create a flame, it is electrically operated and environmentally friendly.
  • Lights a fire in any weather.
  • No need a USB cable, so it is very convenience.
  • Perfect travel gadget.
  • Using high-performance polymer aluminum battery, it can charge and discharge about 500 times.


KCASA Double Arc Electric USB Wireless Charging Plasma Pulse Lighter Touch Screen Switch Power Display Wireless Inductive Charging Metal Windproof Lighter

KCASA Double Arc Electric


  • Powered by a rechargeable battery. No Gas/Fuel Is Required.
  • Both wireless charging and wired charging are available.
  • Suspension sensing design, sensitive touch ignition
  • Can be charged by using USB Slot and does not need to fill any fuel into it.
  • Does not create a flame, it is electrically operated and environmentally friendly.
  • Smart core with multiple charging protection, very safe and practical
  • Uses intense heat to light.
  • Perfect household BBQ travel gadget.
  • It has a fashion outlook,that will make you to be very attractive in the group.


Pulse Lighter New Double Arc Lighter Candle Igniter  Electric Ignitor Starter Frosted Shell And Carving Flower USB Rechargeable Candle Lighter

KCASA Pulse Lighter New Double Arc Lighter


  • Rechargeable USB charging multipurpose Electric Arc Lighter
  • Windproof, flameless. It's great for lighting grills, candles, fires, etc
  • Visual power storage design.
  • Eco-friendly - does not produce harmful gases,ea sy to ignite your candle and other things


USB Electric Double Arc Lighter Rechargeable Windproof Torch Lighter Dual Thunder Pulse Cross Plasma Lighter

KCASA USB Electric Double Arc Lighter


  • Innovative Design with dual electronic arc, five times faster than single arc lighter. Ignition within 1-2 seconds, zinc alloy metal body, compact and stylish design
  • USB rechargeable,reliable,reusable lighter. The compatible most USB port  ( Computer, Car, Tablet ), Lights up at the click of a button
  • 2 hours full charge for up 100-300 times use.
  • Windproof flameless ARC Lighter. No butane, no gas, no fluid, no hassle, no problems at all. 
  • There Is a massive lid and will not light up so long as the secure lid is closed. Keep children safe while lighter charging or not in use
  • Perfect as a outdoor lighter,BBQ lighter,candle lighter,stove lighter wedding celebration utility,fireplace starter,emergency fire starter tool


KCASA LED Double Arc Lighter Electronic Rechargeable Windproof USB Lighters Gadget Tool For Men Gifts

KCASA KCASA LED Double Arc Lighter


  • No Gas/Fuel Is Required. Powered by a rechargeable battery.
  • Can be charged by using USB Slot and does not need to fill any fuel into it.
  • Does not create a flame, it is electrically operated and environmentally friendly.
  • Uses intense heat to light. Lights a cigarette in any weather.
  • Perfect travel gadget.
  • It has a fashion outlook, that will make you be very attractive in the group.



The Best Plasma Lighter Today? What People Think about this tool

A person plays with his plasma ligtherPlasma lighter is a tiny electronic device, which relies on plasma to light things. This is the most exciting and the most innovative form of lighter.

The device is rechargeable. It has been beneficial and entirely different from other types of lighters. The lighter does not ignite flame through fuel.

It has fantastic features that set it apart from other kinds of lighters, and a few of the features are summarized below:

  • The device is flame-less: when it burns it does not produce any flame, and the areas surrounding the burner do not heat up.
  • It is windproof: wind does not obstruct it from burning. It does not blow the lighter out irrespective of the wind intensity.
  • The device is highly reusable: it is quick and straightforward to recharge when the energy is spent. To recharge it, you use the standard USB port.
  • Very powerful light: other distinguishing characteristics are that the light is potent, and because of that it, it burns faster and quicker than regular flame.

Now that you have to know the significant features and characteristics of lighter, it will be easier to understand other essential attributes of the plasma lighter, which will be highlighted below:

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10 Things About The Best Plasma Lighters that you Should Know

1. What are the Creators of Plasma Lighters Today are selling?

Electric Plasma X Dual ArcMoreover, there are differences between the arc lighters. Different kinds of arch lighters were identified above, and they include single arch lighter and the dual arch light as well as the triple arc lighter.

Single and dual were on the market before the newest addition, which is the triple arc lighter.

This is very popular; it relies on the electrode placement to generate light. There are three different variations on the market today, and they include the following:

3 Variations of Plasma Lighters

Plasma, electric, atomic, or flameless lighters can be categorized into three. It determines the number of arcs the lighter is designed with.

1. Single Arc

Single Arc atomic lighters usually have long battery life, but these lighters typically come with a low generation of heat. As such, it might not always be useful in lighting things that have a big surface area.

An atomic lighter, which has a single arc plasma, has two electrodes. These are the ones that generate a plasma that can be used to light small-sized objects.

This is the least efficient regarding energy. These arc lighters are differentiated based on the number of electrodes they use and the placement of such electrodes.

Single arc lighters have two electrodes are, these are opposite to each other. It generates light, which is efficient and it is suitable for small surface areas.

2. Dual Arc

An atomic lighter that features a dual arc plasma contains four electrodes instead of the two electrodes present in single arc lighters. It is to create a much stronger light as more heat is being generated by the increase in the number of electrodes.

Because of this, dual arc lighters can light more extensive surfaces as compared to single arc lighters. It can also light up objects a little faster. Since it can produce more energy, it is less efficient in terms of power consumption.

This is the second type of lighter, but it is more efficient in energy than the single arc. Dual arc lighter has four electrodes, and two of the electrodes face each side. When it is powered, they produce two arcs, and they consume more battery power in the process.

It can generate more heats than the single, and it is best for medium areas.

3. Triple Arc 360 degrees

Lastly, the triple arc 360 degrees lighters feature the highest form of versatile usability in all the three types of lighters. It contains a total of six electrodes which makes it highly capable of lighting even larger surfaces than the first two types.

The 360 degrees designation simply means that this type of lighter can light from any given angle. As much as it is powerful in terms of lighting capacity, it is also the most suitable type of lighter for outdoor use.

There are variants of the triple arc 360 degrees lighters. They usually differ in design and the placement of a plasma lighter which gives them different features in terms of functionality.

But no matter the variant, this type of lighter provides powerful light and more heat, making it the least power efficient. The amount of heat from triple arc lighters can also be a little intense at times, making it less safe to use.

Choosing the ideal type for the best atomic lighter mainly depends on the purpose of using the lighter. If it is only for lighting small objects, a single arc may suffice. However, if you need to light bugger surfaces, dual arc or triple arc lighters can be the better option. There should be, however, a precaution that comes with using triple arc lighters.

This is the third kind of lighter. It is regarded as 360 degrees lighter. This is the most powerful, and it utilizes the most power.

The third one, which is the newest to hit the market, is the triple arc 360-degree lighter. This is the most powerful of all of them, and it uses the most power, and it uses six electrodes. This device is suitable for campers because of the large surface area it can heat.

Rolls Plasma Lighter

2. What Makes The Best Plasma Lighter Work?

These lighters work in the same principle as another lightning process. Lightning will always occur when there is an electrical charge in the clouds. High voltage electrical current has to move from the two nodes. A plasma lighter will, in turn, generate heat, and the heat will subsequently ignite the object.

The process is safe, and that is why it is better than other lighting systems. Current produced is low current. All these can happen just with a push on the button. Current will flow between these electrodes.

When that happens, the air within the nodes becomes ionized.

As said before this device does not use fuel, it uses a rechargeable battery. In most cases, it uses lithium batteries, which are durable enough such that they can be recharged up to five hundred times and even more than that.

3. What is an Atomic Lighter?

atomic lighterAnother form of lighter is the atomic lighter. This is because it utilizes the same plasma arc technology. This means that it can create fire quickly.

When a powerful fire is created, it does not possess butane or gas. It is fuel free rechargeable, and it can be used anywhere and at any time.

If you want, you can use it in the wind or rain, and it will not disrupt it in any way. The lighter is not difficult to operate. It is the same process of the press of a button. The product is highly durable, and it can even last a lifetime.

This kind of lighter is capable of delivering over one hundred light just on a single charge. If the energy is spent, it is easily rechargeable using the same standard USB port.

4. What is a Plasma Lighter technology?

plasma arc technologyPlasma Lighters or Arc works almost on the same principle as in the welding arc machine. The electric arc is placed between the two electrodes.

This is a high energy arc, and the temperature can even reach as much as three thousand to seven thousand degrees Celsius. The plasma arc is protected in a chamber. In the chamber is equally placed some waste materials. Severe heat in the plasma can break down any organic molecules to their different elemental atoms.

These atoms will eventually form a harmless gas, and this occurs through a carefully controlled process. It can melt any solid like metals and glass. These then form materials, which are like the hardened lava.

The plasma arc works in such a way that you cannot observe any burning. In the same way, there will be no incineration, and there can be no ash formation.

Two kinds of atomic plasma arc are available, and they includes a plasma lighter torch and the plasma melter. The melter is famous for its destructive effects. They burn effectively and very robust. Because of that, they are the most useful in the treatment of wastes.

On the other hand, the arc melter work on carbon electrodes technology. The electrodes are consumable, and you have to insert them in the chamber. This ensures it does not shut down.

In the plasma torch method, an arc is placed between the two copper electrodes. The plasma torch system is equally reliable and very efficient. It does not require any pretreatment before it can treat any waste materials.

5. What is the Applicability of the Plasma Arc?

plasma arcPlasma arc can be used on different things including organic as well as inorganic wastes. It can serve for radioactive waste treatment.

This is because of the ability to separate the inorganic from the organic portion of wastes.

It is capable of removing or reducing explosive compounds as well as unexploded, as is the case with traditional methods like in the case of open burning, detonation, and other activities that introduce toxins to the atmosphere. Moreover, the plasma lighter arc is useful in reducing asbestos and so on.

6. Are Plasma Lighters and USB lighters allowed on planes?

There are lots of benefits you can derive from using lighters because of the uniqueness. Safety is the most important priority of the makers of this kind of product. It has various safety features put in place, and that is why it can be used anywhere without any fear of destruction.

Because of that, lighters are allowed to planes. They do not constitute any danger or pose any threat to passengers on the plane.

Furthermore, they are meant to work in any condition and to recharge them, you need a USB port, and it can be powered by a battery. It can be allowed to plane because it does not contain any inflammable fluids.

If you want to go camping or you want to board a plane, you require this TSA approved lighter. It can be used in the plane it is TSA approved. These are gas free lighters, and it is safer than butane, which other lighters use. This makes the lighter to be more environmentally friendly.

Though it can create flame, it is not that flame that causes destruction. You can use it with confidence. Even if it is used on a plane, there is no fear of any accidental fire that could burn you off.


7. How Hot is the Plasma Lighter?

Cigarette LighterIt all depends on the type of Lighter you are using. You have seen that there are different kinds of lighters and they vary regarding the heat they generate. For arc lighter, for instance, three different types are identified.

The arc lighter can heat up to anything from 1,100 degrees Celsius, which is equivalent to 2,012 degrees Fahrenheit.

For an arc lighter, this is the optimal temperature, and this is capable of lighting everything you want to light.

Because of this, it is considered energy efficient when compared to the traditional lighters that can produce excessive heat, which can be very dangerous to the user and the environment of the scorching heat.

There are other kinds of lighters can heat up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, especially electric lighters. Because of the environmentally friendly flames they produce, they are one hundred percent TSA approved.

It is fluid free and does not contain any nasty chemical. Plasma wave technology generates different kinds of heat, but you can expect up to 900 degrees to 7000, and you will be comfortable with it.

8. Are there any safety precautions while using these Lighters?

Yes, there are some necessary safety precautions you should take note of while using this innovative technology. You have seen that there are different kinds of plasma lightning methods. They are different, but they work on a plasma technology.

plasma lighter heatThese items are bound to generate flame. They are safe, and one hundred percent safe to use, and that is why they can be allowed on planes. Nevertheless, one has to be very cautious while using this kind of product.

The technology does not generate flame, but that does not mean that there should not be any precautionary measure while using them.

One of the precautionary to note is that you do not use any flammable materials while using the product. lighter can generate heat, and this heat can flame any flammable materials. The consequence could be devastating. Because of this, you have to be cautious.

Moreover, it is advisable not to make direct skin contact with the light. This is because it generates heat and it can burn your skin when there is skin contact.

Plasma is, and it is environmentally friendly, as well. However, it is good if you do not treat it as a toy. This is a problem for many users. The critical thing to note here is that while this is a high and innovative technology. It is good if you treat it with care while enjoying the numerous benefits it can offer you.

9. Does Lighter require any refill?

Core plasma lighterMaking this critical clarification is essential. Refilling is one of the significant differences between light and the traditional form of lighters.

While conventional lighters and other types of lighters that rely on butane need refilling, this is not the case with lighters. It does not require any refilling because it is not based on butane or any form of gas.

The only kind of refill required for lighters is electric charging. Because of this, they are provided with a rechargeable battery, and anytime the battery runs down, you have to recharge it using a USB recharging device, which is always offered when you buy one. Anytime you plug the device into electricity it will begin to charge for you.

The charging time varies. The charging can take up to two hours, and this is the highest it can take it to charge completely. The duration of use equally varies, and that depends on the type of lighter you are using.

10. How to Use and Maintain Lighters

When you get this product, instructions as to how to use and maintain them are always there. The primary fuel source is to recharge it through the USB port. The only time you have to worry about it is when it is exhausted, and this means that you have to recharge it.

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Plasma Lighter’s are Sellable!

People want something that truly represents their sense of style, and this can even be found in the kind of lighters that a person uses. Just as a hat, belt, scarf, or pair of shoes can enhance the look of a person, so can the right kind of lighter. Once pulled from a person’s pocket, that becomes an adornment, an eye catcher, something that will draw people’s attention to you, and this is why it has become such a favorite item.

Of course, this is also about functionality as well. You want a lighter that provides you with something that will work in all kinds of different climates and environments, and so getting the best arch lighter for you is as much about style as it is about functionality.

One kind of lighter that is quickly garnering attention from consumers is the lighters.

This is becoming the ideal option for many people because it removes butane from the equation, making it a safer lighter that will last longer and work well than the traditional lighter has. It is why the lighter is quickly becoming the choice among many consumers these days.

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The Best Plasma Lighter’s 3 Important Keys Before Buying

If you are a person who finds that you need for a lighter, there are several important factors and questions to ask yourself before making any kind of decision.

While a large number of people are merely looking for the best USB lighter that they can buy at the grocery store or at the convenience store, a more significant number of people are looking for a functional lighter that gives them a great look.

Before looking at some of the outstanding lighters that you can get today, here are some critical questions to ask yourself and some knowledge to gain to help you in making a decision.

1. Plasma Lighter’s That All Buyer Should Look For

Plazmatic X LighterThe first question to ask yourself is what you’re looking for in the lighter that you want. There are several different kinds of lighters regarding the way that they ignite in the fuel that they use.

This is one area that may be of importance to you. You may also be a person who is looking for something a little easier to ignite.

A large number of people can attest to how difficult it can be to try to get the lighter to go by flipping their thumb across it on a cold day. This may be an essential factor for you as well.

You may also be looking for the best flameless lighter that gives you an outstanding look to it. Some are made of 14 karat gold; some have beautiful looking decorations or designs that make them stand out.

Your lighter can become something that is as much about the style that you want to portray about yourself as it is about performing some specific task.

This is why it is essential when talking about what lighter works best for you to consider what are the factors that matter to you above everything else.

Regarding the lighter, one primary concern that people have when looking for a lighter is whether it is a single or double arc style. The difference is related mostly to how fine the flame is when it is ignited, which makes it easier for use with such things as cigarettes as compared to a pipe. This is an essential factor to consider when making a lighter your purchase.

2. The Plasma Lighter’s Comes with A Great Arc

buying a LighterThis is one of those kinds of questions that most people have not overthought about.

In the standard lighter, you flipped a little dial with your thumb in a rapid motion to create a spark. The spark that was generated was very much like to rocks being knocked against one another.

When the spark occurred, it would ignite the butane that was being released from inside the lighter, thus creating a flame for you.

If you are wondering how do lighters work, they are significantly different than your standard butane lighter.

In the conventional lighter, butane is removed from the equation. Instead, what happens is that when you push on the mechanism, and electrical charge is created between the two or four electrodes in the lighter, thus creating a spark that is used to light your cigarette, pipe or another object.

What makes this so much different is that no flame is generated, making it a much safer option for the vast majority of people to use.

3. Are there any good brand makers of a plasma lighter?

Who makes the best LightersBest is one of those kinds of terms that is hard to describe. What may be best for one person is not necessarily best for another, so it is not an easy answer to say that something is better than something else.

It is true that there are manufacturers out there who will score a higher rating with consumers. They have either a long-standing reputation that people know they can trust, or they just create a product that put themselves head and shoulders above the rest.

You also have to consider that some find a specific type of lighter more valuable than other kinds. This is really what helps them to decide what is best, and maybe the next question in this article will help to establish what is considered best for you.


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Advantages of Using No-Flame Lighters vs. Ordinary Lighters

Some ordinary lighters are disposable while for some, you still have to refill the fuel once it has run out. This would require you to always have extra refills with you all the time. The main concern with using fueled lighters is that they produce a flame for lighting. This may often be a problem when you are using during windy weather.

Now, find out why the best atomic lighter would be the best choice for all your lighting needs.

1. Safer Than Most Lighters

Using butane or fueled lighters can often be risky and dangerous. They can be broken, or the gas can leak. Since it is highly flammable, any of these issues can cause accidents and even injuries. But with lighters, that is not a problem. Atomic lighters do not contain any form of gas at all.

Ordinary LightersMoreover, the best lighter is made of sturdy materials that can withstand even the harshest outdoor condition. This type of lighter is also not easily broken nor damaged. Also, the technology that comes with the atomic lighters involves easy control over how much heat is being produced. Thus, using lighter can help avoid the risks of hazardous situations such as fire.

2. Almost All Arc Plasma Lighter Are Rechargeable

Another advantage of choosing atomic lighters over classic fuel lighters is that it is rechargeable. Butane lighters are either disposable or should be replaced with a fuel chamber once it has run out. This can often be inconvenient.

However, that is not a problem when using the best lighter. Lighters have a USB charging port as part of its design. Lighters also usually come in a package with a USB charging cord that you can plug in anywhere a USB connected outlet is available. It can also be connected to devices such as computers and laptops for recharging.

3. Electric lighters Are Mostly Weatherproof

The best lighter would be weatherproof as it is among the main factors are designed for a plasma lighter or atomic lighter.

Since it is powered by electricity and not some fuel or gas like butane, there are no worries about the wind putting off the flame when you have to light a cigarette or anything at all.

This feature helps in establishing the reasons why using an atomic lighter is far better than the classic fuel lighters. You can be sure to light up a candle or cigarette easily even on windy days.

For those who are always outdoors and love to go on camping and hiking trips, there are no worries about bringing enough fuel refills or gas leaking as the best lighter is battery-powered.

Technology has made it easier to have a safer and more efficient tool. There is just no reason why you shouldn’t exchange your traditional fuel lighter for the best lighter right now.

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Things to Look for When Buying Plasma Or Atomic Lighters

When you are searching for the best atomic lighter to buy, you have to be more critical and smart about it. The cheapest option might not always be the best deal.

Also, the most expensive atomic lighter doesn’t mean that it is the best one.

To help you in choosing the lighter, here are some critical factors that you should consider.

1. Set Your Requirements

There are a lot of lighters you can find in the market. They come in various types, brands, shapes, designs, and functions. It would be helpful to make a list of what you prefer to find in a lighter. Establishing your preference will make it easier for you to choose the best lighter. Find out what you need and make that the basis to filter out the long list of lighter products.

2. Consider the Design and Build

Atomic lighters are generally built to be tough and can withstand the harshest outdoor condition. But it is never wrong to make sure that the materials used to make the lighter are high-quality and sturdy.

Moreover, aside from the built functionality, you may also want to consider choosing the top-rated plasma lighter that can pair up with your personality. You can now find Atomic Lighterlighters with various designs and colors in the market.

Some can be as extravagant as you want them to be. This consideration mainly lies in your preferences, as long as the overall quality is excellent and reliable.

3. Keenly Choose the Ideal Functionalities

When it comes to choosing the best lighter, one of the main factors to take into account is whether the features fit your preference and purpose of use.

There are only three options you can choose from: single arc lighter, dual arc lighter, and triple arc 360 degrees lighter.

To sum up, the main difference between the three is the power of the plasma they can generate and produce.

But, also remember that the more power the plasma a lighter can provide, the less efficient it gets regarding power consumption.

3. Weight

Lighters are often carried around in a pouch or your pocket. It is self-explanatory why you would want to consider a lightweight lighter with you. The size matters too. You want something that would be easy to slip into your jean’s pocket or your bag pocket. No one wants to carry around a large and heavy lighter anywhere.

4. Charging Required and Length of Charge

Most of the available lighters in the market are designed with a USB port and usually include a USB charging cable in the package. But, it is still essential to check the charging requirement of a specific atomic lighter if you are planning to buy one.

You might also want to consider the length of charge for a particular lighter. You wouldn’t want to use an atomic lighter that has a power capacity as the same number of hours as its required charging time. Most lighters need one to two hours for the battery to be fully charged.

The How's

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How Long Should You Charge Your Plasma Lighters?

Most lighters come with an instruction manual in their package which includes the recommended number of hours that a particular lighter should be plugged in for the battery to be fully charged.

However, most of the lighters these days take about at least one up to two hours of continuous charging to have a fully charged battery that can last for about a week under normal use.

Some lighters also feature a LED notification light. The function of this light is to indicate whether the battery of the lighter is drained out and already needs to be charged again. The same way, it can also notify if the battery charge is already full or not.

Can You Use Plasma Lighters When Raining?

lighters are generally designed to be effective in different types of weathers, whether it be rain or shine. It can still come in handy and would still be able to produce light even under the rain. However, there’s an obvious catch.

Once the lighter is soaked, it will already lose its effectiveness. If you want to use it when it’s raining, you might want to consider just covering it at the top as you start to light just to be sure.

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How Long Should You Hold the Ignition Button of a Lighter?

The best lighter usually has a safety design mechanism that comes with it. There is usually a run-down time which is often around a 10-second stretch.

melting things with a plasma lighterAfter ten seconds of lighting, the lighter will cut the plasma off automatically. While this mechanism is present in most lighters, it is recommended that you do not simply rely on this mechanism to kick in.

You should simply avoid lighting the plasma more than eight seconds to be sure.

Tips in Handling Lighters Safely (Even If You Have The Best Plasma Lighters)

Anything that can create a spark or flame is never a hundred percent safe. When not handled well, it can cause injuries or might even start hazardous fires. Like any other lighter, some safety practices should be involved when handling even flameless lighters.

  • Don’t touch the heated plasma area. May it be an accident or just out of curiosity, you should never try to touch the plasma part of the lighter. When used, the beam can get as hot as 1,100 degrees Celsius approximately and plasma is even considered hotter than actual fire. A contact with a blazing plasma can be very painful and would surely cause the skin to burn.
  • Ensure that you extinguish the plasma beam lighter one done using it.
  • Always maintain a distance between the lighter and yourself or your clothing when handling it. Although it doesn’t produce a flame that might burn your skin or catch fire on your shirt, the plasma is still very hot and would create a spark and light when anything touches it.
  • Avoid exposing the lighter to direct sunlight. Also, do not expose lighters to temperatures that are about 50 degrees Celsius.
  • When charging the lighter, make sure to use only the recommended charging cable.
  • When replacing a run-down battery of an atomic lighter, be sure to only use either a suitable or the recommended battery replacement.

When given proper care and maintenance, a well-used plasma or atomic lighter can last from at least five up to ten years.

Having Fun? Continue...

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Commong Types of Plasma Lighters

You may not have known this, but there are nine different kinds of lighters out there that are available to consumers. This gives you a great deal of choice regarding cost, action, and efficiency of the lighter, making it a more valuable choice for you. Here is a look at each of these different kinds of lighters.

You may not have known this, but there are nine different kinds of lighters out there that are available to consumers.

common types of LightersThis gives you a great deal of choice regarding cost, action, and efficiency of the lighter, making it a more valuable choice for you. Here is a look at each of these different kinds of lighters.

  1. Plasma lighter – the lighter works by a single or double arc being generated through a two or four electrode option. This makes it so that you can create a spark to be able to light your cigarette, pipe, cigar or another object without actually having to create a flame.
  2. Electric lighter – an electronic lighter works very much like an electrical lighter option, but does so at a lower voltage.Some like this because it gives them the ability to generate a spark that is efficient enough to be able to light their smoking preference, without having to make as much current to do so. This type of lighter is not much different from lighters.They are somehow similar since they use a similar fuel source, a rechargeable lithium battery, in creating light. However, there is a slight difference between electric lighters and lighters.They mainly differ in the power output. Electric lighters are only ideal for smokers as it is only capable of creating a very tiny spark enough to be able to light a cigarette and other small objects. This type of lighter can’t illuminate large-surfaced areas. Thus, it is not ideal to use for outdoor activities like camping.
  • Tesla coil lighter – the Tesla coil lighter is a kind of plasma arc style lighter, which uses a specific type of coil to be able to help generate the current. The coil helps to create a particular kind of arc which makes it so that it is windproof and resistant to most other weather kinds of conditions that can make your smoking preference let a real challenge. Lighters, electric lighters, and Tesla coil lighters are quite similar as they use a rechargeable lithium battery as their power source. Other than that, lighters and Tesla coil lighters both produce plasma or an arc to light an object. The significant difference between the two is that lighters use electrodes to create an arc of light while Tesla coil lighters use a particular kind of coil to generate that the plasma lighter arc for lighting.
  • Arc lighter – the arc lighter is one that uses electrodes to create an electrical pulse that can be used to light your cigarette, pipe, or cigar. This is generally the type of lighter that you will find in the plasma option. This type of lighter is one that can produce a pulse or an arc to light things up. Arc lighters are usually battery operated and can easily be used by anyone. Arc lighters are mostly found or covered under the lighters category.
  • Elementium lighter – the elementium lighter is another electrical lighter type, which creates a spark between a series of electrodes. This is a very sophisticated option for plasma lighters, and you will find that it gives you a great charge every time. An Elementium lighter is more of a brand name rather than a type of lighter. It uses similar technology to that of a lighter.However, it has a considerable difference to lighters and other forms of lighters. Elementium lighters are significantly quieter compared to any other type of lighter.
  • Inferno lighter – the inferno lighter is another great brand that offers you a fantastic plasma arc lighter that is meant to handle any conditions and gives you maximum efficiency on every usage.
  • Windproof lighter – what makes the windproof lighter such a valuable option for consumers is that it enables you to be able to generate a flame or electrical current without having to worry about weather conditions standing in your way.Many smokers can attest to trying to get their smoking preference lead at some point, only to see the wind blow away their current or flame.These lighters are meant to counteract that issue altogether. A Windproof lighter is also not usually considered as another type of lighter but rather a significant attribute that defines a specific term for lighters. Windproof lighters are designed to be useful even under whatever kind of weather condition.Whether it’s raining or windy, windproof lighters would still be able to do its intended job of lighting things up.
  • Flameless lighter – a flameless lighter is nothing more than one that generates an electrical current to be able to light your cigar, pipe, or cigarette.It is one of these kinds of lighters that are quickly becoming popular with consumers because it enables them to be able to light their smoking preference without having to worry about the fuel-burning out or wind conditions dampening the flame.
  • Shadow X lighter – the shadow X lighter is one more example of an electrical arc lighter that gives you greater efficiency when using your lighter. This is another excellent brand that many consumers have come to rely on and find ideal for them to use.
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How to Use and Maintain these lighters?

Maintain these lighters

The great thing about these electrical plasma-type lighters is that they are quite easy to maintain.

This isn’t like with the butane lighters where you have to clean the mechanisms inside it to be able to keep the lighter working efficiently.

You don’t have to supply fuel to it for it to work, and you don’t have to worry about it is not working properly as the fuel begins to reduce.

In these lighters, what makes them so popular is the fact that you get the same electrical charge every time, as long as the lighter is fully powered.

To assist you in this process, many of the options you will find on the market today come with a USB port connection, allowing you to easily connect and recharge them without much of a challenge to yourself.

This is making them a great option for many consumers and is turning the lighter into the most popular option for serious smokers.

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What is the difference between a Single Arc And Double Arc?

For those who are interested in lighter, the primary difference between these lighters is whether they are the single arc or double arc. If you are unfamiliar with these terms, there is a difference between them, which makes it more about what kind of smoking preference you are using the lighter to ignite.

The single arc uses two electrodes to create a single flame. This is best to use when you are trying to create a more little flame, generating less heat in a smaller area. If you are a person who smokes a cigarette, this can be the ideal option.

In the double arc, for electrodes are used, which generates a flame that is twice as wide as you would find with the single arc. This is perfect for somebody who wants to use a cigar.

What is the lifespan of a plasma lighter?

These lighters can be different from many of the other traditional options you would buy out there, making cost an essential factor in your purchase. You may be willing to spend more money, but you want to be sure that you’re getting the most for your money.

Cleaning Plasma LighterBecause these are recharged using a USB outlet, you can be sure that they can last upwards of 5 to 10 years.

Many of the more sophisticated options come with a warranty that ensures you are getting the maximum value for your purchase.

This is something you want to check into before making your selection.

How to clean a lighter?

With traditional lighters that use butane, you had to perform a lot of maintenance on to ensure that they maintain maximum efficiency.

All that’s required is that you wipe clean the electrodes occasionally to ensure that the spark can be generated across them.

This can be done quite easily, using one of the cleaning products that the manufacturer provides.

There isn’t much else that you have to do to keep these clean.

How to refill these lighters?

refill these lighters

The standard lighter required you to refill with butane from time to time.

If you were buying a disposable lighter, you would throw the lighter away when you are done, but for those using ones they purchased for prolonged use, it required you to buy a can of butane and refilling the lighter from time to time.

These new lighters require no such fuel to be able to use them. Most, if not all of them come with a USB port connector, which means that all you have to do is recharged to lighter to be able to use it

In a manner of an hour or two, your lighter can be completely recharged and ready for you to use.

Precautions on using lighters (safety and hazard)

Even if this lighter does not generate a flame as you would find with a butane lighter, that does mean that it is 100% safe to use in every circumstance.

You must always take precautions when dealing with anything that can generate a spark or flame. Be careful where you are using the lighter and in what environment you are in.

You also should never play with the device like this. It is not a toy, and should not be treated as such. This is one of the common mistakes that people make that can create a severe risk for them.

Top 15 Best Plasma Lighters that people buy

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The Top 5 of The Best Plasma Lighters – A Full Indepth Review That You Must Read!

There are a lot of choices when it comes to flameless lighters available in the market.  This is the reason why it is often hard and tedious to find the best atomic lighter.

To quickly help you in purchasing the right lighter that fits your preference, we have shortlisted the best atomic lighters on the market. Here are the top five best atomic lighters on the market today.

1. Novelty Wares USB Flameless Plasma Dual Arc – The Best Atomic Lighter

Novelty Wares

Flameless lighters are more efficient to use especially when your purpose is to use it for outdoor trips and activities.

The flameless dual arc lighter from Novelty Wares in one of the best atomic lighters in the market.

This model is an excellent option for those who need a windproof and rechargeable lighter.

Material and Design

One of the notable features in the design of the Novelty Wares USB Flameless lighter is that it is available in six different colors. It provides a fitting style for both men and women who might need it.

The double arc technology for this flameless atomic lighter makes it very efficient in lighting even larger items from cigars to papers and wicks. Its design is, but also sleek and elegant. This makes it ideal to use for any occasion.

Another excellent feature of the Novelty Wares Flameless Dual Arc lighter is its durability. It is merely one of the remarkable selling points of this atomic lighter. It is made from non-corrosive materials.

This feature helps in making sure that it is strong enough to handle any weather condition without being damaged. Moreover, the Novelty Wares Flameless Dual Arc is a windproof lighter. This means that it is as effective with or without strong winds.

With its dual arc design, the Novelty Wares Flameless Dual Arc lighter can light anything; from cigars and candles to barbecues, campfires, and so much more.

Features and Specifications

Novelty Wares made sure that their flameless dual arc lighter is perfect to use for various occasions. Its electroplated metal build is corrosion resistant and extremely strong.

This makes it a lighter in weight but is tough to knock out.

The six color choices for the Novelty Wares Flameless Dual Arc are gunmetal, gold, wood, rose gold, navy blue, and neon/rainbow.

The color options are the most stylish that an electric lighter can get. Each color option is suitable for whatever fashion statement.

The Novelty Wares Flameless Dual Arc lighter, with its lightweight feature at just about four ounces, comes with an indicator Led light located at the bottom part. It lights up when the charger is being used or plugged in for charging. It also serves as a warning when the lighter’s battery has drained out and in needs of recharging.

The Novelty Wares Flameless Dual Arc lighter comes in an elegant gift box, making it an ideal gift for all kinds of occasions. The package comes with a USB charging cable and an instruction manual.

Performance and Effectiveness

Novelty Wares designed their flameless dual arc lighter in a way that its twin arc can be utilized most efficiently.

The electric flame of the Novelty Wares Dual Arc lighter can also withstand intense weather conditions.

Moreover, the Novelty Wares Flameless Dual Arc lighter is long-lasting. It can last for about a whole week under regular use before needing a recharge. It can also gain a full charge rather quickly for just about two hours.

There is only a slight issue with the Novelty Wares Flameless Dual Arc lighter. This is when you use the lighter when your hands are wet.

There are cases that it can give a little jolt when ignited with wet hands. All in all, what Novelty Wares has equipped their atomic lighter is impressively good.

  • Features a sleek and elegant design
  • Available in six different colors Can last for about a week when fully charged
  • Charges quickly
  • Conveniently rechargeable through micro USB
  • Dual arc for effectiveness

  • There are issues when using the lighter with wet hands

2. Saberlight Sparq – The Best Plasma Lighter

Saberlight Sparq

Aside from its name, there are far more things that make the Saberlight Sparq exciting and stand out from other lighters. There are a lot of reasons why it’s deemed as the best lighter.

Material and Design

The Saberlight Sparq is a newly designed lighter from Saberlight. Marketed as a re-engineered, this lighter is designed with an extra arc beam to surpass single arc lighters.

One thing that makes the Saberlight Sparq stand out compared to other lighters is its unique take on the arc design. Most plasma beam lighters have the traditional narrow Tesla coil design which can often have issues when lighting more significant things such as pipes and bowls.

However, it is not a problem with the Saberlight Sparq, which has an elongated arc that can light anything. Sparq came up with better technology, getting rid of the small Tesla coil and changing it to a dual plasma beam.

Features and Specifications

Compared to the traditional butane fire lighter, using Sabelight Sparq is safer and more efficient. It uses a very light saber-like technology to produce a tremendously hot plasma wave.

Instead of fuel, this lighter uses lithium-ion cell that is rechargeable. This means that you can use it for a long time, not like disposable lighters. There is no need to refill the Saberlight Sparq either.

At the bottom part of the Saberlight Sparq is the on and off switch that has to be activated before use. The power ring ignition button is placed up front. The USB charging port is also positioned at the bottom beside the switch. The package comes with the lighter itself and a 10 cm long USB charging cable.

This lighter comes with some specific safety features too as it prevents the lighter to ignite whenever the calf is closed, even if the on and off button at the bottom is pushed. The purpose of this is to make sure that the lighter wouldn’t be triggered by accident, and that the battery will not wear down quickly.

The Saberlight Sparq is also convenient for use when traveling as it is extremely portable and lightweight. It weighs about four ounces only. Moreover, it is TS approved since it doesn’t emit any harmful gas when used.

Aside from being windproof, the Saberlight Sparq is also splash proof, meaning that it does not easily get broken when splashed with water or any other liquid. It can work very well under whatever condition, rain or shine.

Performance and Effectiveness

Since it is not like the older and traditional Tesla style arc, Saberlight Sparq can be used to light anything from candles, cigarettes, papers, incense, fireworks, gas oven, and so much more.

When igniting the lighter, it comes with a high pitch arc noise, but this is understandable given that it uses a dual arc technology. But, it does come with a slight burnt smell when you press the ignition button. There is no need to worry as this is mostly due to the residues that made contact with the electrodes when using the lighter.

Another fantastic feature of Saberlight Sparq is that it is long-lasting. It can last up to 300 uses or two long weeks under regular use without charging. Getting this lighter charge is also relatively fast and can go full charged after just one hour.

Regarding design and build, Saberlight Sparq is among the coolest lighters available in the market, not to mention that it’s equally fitting for any Star Wars fan. Its dual arc technology also makes it reliable for any use.

  • Beautiful and interesting Design
  • Battery charges quickly
  • Long-lasting and good battery timing
  • Elongated arc
  • Windproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Splash Proof
  • Airport approved

  • There are some issues about the charging cord not being durable

3. Tesla Coil Lighters – The Best Electric Lighter

Tesla Coil Lighters

Tesla lighters are among the popular ones you can find in the market especially as it is named after Nikola Tesla, one of the famous and most prominent minds in science.

Tesla has produced a lot of technological marvels throughout his lifetime, and the most notable ones include the introduction of energy. Same as its namesake, Tesla coil lighters lives the same innovative and inventive design when it comes to today’s lighters.

Material and Design

The Tesla coil lighters are quite similar to the standard Zippo style USB electric lighter regarding look and design with excellent build quality. It has a sleek look and shape, making it easy to slide into a shirt or side pockets and purses. The Tesla coil lighter also boasts a sturdy construction which makes it ideal for use even in rigorous conditions without the worry of it breaking down. This electric lighter comes in two versions, one with a single arc and the other with the dual arc.

When it comes to lighters that can easily be brought whenever and wherever, the Tesla coil lighter is among the best choices in the market.

Its dimensions are 3 in. X 1.75 in. X 0.5 in. It also weighs around three ounces, which makes it extremely portable and easy to carry around a pocket for everyday use.

Features and Specifications

One of the most notable features of the Tesla coil lighter, making it the best electrical lighter, is its excellent safety feature. When the lid is closed, there is no way it will light up. With this, you will not have to worry about accidental lighting when the power button is pushed the wrong way at all. It is also an excellent feature when it comes to maximizing the lighter’s battery.

At the bottom of the Tesla coil lighter, there is a small on and off switch which has to be activated first before pressing the arc button when using. This is another factor that adds to the safety feature of the lighter. The best plasma lighter arc has a run time of 10 seconds. When the timer runs out, the on and off button will also time out.

The Tesla coil lighter is a rechargeable electric lighter. It requires no use for butane, and it doesn’t produce any flame at all. The Tesla coil lighter only uses an electric plasma arc that has a high voltage.

The package for the Tesla coil lighter comes with a micro USB cable for charging.

Performance and Effectiveness

The Tesla coil lighter is easy and convenient to use. It doesn’t emit an offensive noise similar to a high voltage taser like in other lighters when used. It is beneficial when lighting under adverse conditions, especially when there is a strong wind. Since it doesn’t produce the typical fire like common lighters, there are no worries of the lighting being blown out.

Depending on the charger used, the Tesla coil charger can charge for as fast as one hour. A full charge of this lighter can last from 100 to 300 uses or up to a whole week.

However, there is only a catch when using the Tesla coil lighter. This is when it is used in lighting candles. The lid doesn’t flip open all the way, and sometimes it can even get in the form of lighting.

But overall, it is still among the excellent lighter choices regarding reliability and durability. With its smooth and shiny design and impressive build, the Tesla coil lighter can also be a great gift option for an outdoorsy friend or whoever needs a reliable and long-lasting lighter.

  • Elegant design
  • Push button activation for safe and easy use
  • Long battery life
  • Windproof

  • Some users have issues lighting candles with it

4. Arc Lighter by DaLanZom – The Best Flameless Lighter

Arc Lighter

When it comes to the design of flameless lighters, it might not all be about functionality. Often, it also involves creativity. This is something that DaLanZom were able to provide in their arc lighter. It’s far from the sleek, plain, and simple lighter you can mostly find. The Arc Lighter by DaLanZom is edgy and artistic.

Material and Design

In all the flameless lighters available in the market, the Arc Lighter by DaLanZom is among the most stylish lighter. It features a cool Chinese Dragon pattern, not like the plain ones. Aside from the excellent design and pattern, this flameless lighter doesn’t skimp on the quality of build.

It is made from a textured gunmetal surface, making the case sturdy to last in whatever weather condition it will be used. It is not cheaply made at all.

Because of its features and looks, the c can also be an excellent choice for a gift especially for those who love such intricate design in a lighter.

Features and Specifications

There are no reasons to suffer from the wind blowing out the flame when lighting as the Arc Lighter by DaLanZom is extremely windproof. There is also no need to refill gas when it runs out as it uses a lithium battery instead. It is a chargeable electric lighter, making it safer for health and environment than the traditional butane fueled lighters.

This also features ease of use capacity with its newly innovated technology. It only takes one push on the ignition button to create an electric arc for lighting.

This comes with a USB charging cable that can be attached to a USB connection outlet, a desktop computer, or a laptop. At just 7.2 cm x 3.6cm x 1.4 cm, it is extremely portable. It is something that can be carried around easily or stuffed in the pocket of a bag or jeans. It is also very lightweight at just around 3.51 ounces.

Performance and Effectiveness

A feature of two electronic pulses that are extremely strong, making it impossible for even a strong wind to lessen its effectiveness. Regarding performance, it is also among the most reliable in the market. The Arc Lighter by DaLanZom can last around 100 to 300 uses. Its battery may even last for a whole week under regular use before needing a recharge. Moreover, it doesn’t take long for this flameless lighter to be charged; it only takes around one to two hours to reach a full charge.

A beautiful flameless lighter. But more than that, it is designed to be reliable and sturdy –  a right combination for an electric lighter for any use.

  • Designed with a cool Chinese Dragon pattern
  • Windproof
  • Rechargeable through micro USB
  • Long battery life
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Fast charging

  • Issues with buzzing noise when used

5. ETERNITY Lighters – The Best Dual Arc Lighter


ETERNITY Lighters is one of the famous designer and manufacturer when it comes to high featured electric arc lighters around the world. They are known for their revolutionary design and new engineering, and it shows in their products.

Material and Design

Lighters are the product of months of planning and preparations from designing, prototyping, and engineering to produce one of the highest quality lighters available in the market today. It is custom-made with high-standard electric dual arc lighter that comes with only the best features.

ETERNITY Lighters was engineered carefully to achieve a lighter that only requires a short charging time which is why it is equipped with a better lithium battery. It now comes with a Voltage DC 5A/1A lithium battery. It was also specifically designed to have a better electric output, all encased in an elegant, much slimmer, and significantly durable case design made from zinc alloy.

This Lighters does sure look tremendous and sleek with shiny sides and feels great too. As it is available in various designs and colors, the This Type of Plasma Lighter is not only a useful tool; it can be a fashion statement also.

Features and Specifications

At just 1.4 in. X 2.9 in. X 10.4 in., the Lighter is extremely portable and lightweight at only around 2.8 ounces, making it easier to carry around. It is one of the lightest lighter available in the market.

The Lighters are also butane-free which means it’s safer to use and is not harmful to the environment. It is also weatherproof and can be effectively used under any weather. It is perfect for use in outdoors and in windy weather as it is also windproof.

One of the best features if this dual arc lighter is the extra accessories that come with it. The package includes a USB charging cable, brush, and a pouch bag, all placed inside a nice-looking gift box. The brush can be handy if the lighter’s arc and the igniter mechanism has to be cleaned. The USB cord can be used to recharge the Lighter by merely plugging it into a USB connection outlet or a PC or laptop.

The Lighter comes with a protective feature too. The lighter will not ignite if the lid is closed even if the igniting button located at the front is pushed. It makes the Lighter a whole lot safer and without the risk of accidentally igniting it.

Performance and Effectiveness

Regarding performance, the ETERNITY Lighter can light almost anything uniformly and precisely. It doesn’t create a big flame like any butane lighters, so there is no mess at all. It merely creates a sustained burn through its dual arc system for a few short seconds.

The ETERNITY Lighter can last up to at least 100 to 300 lights or can last for four days under consistent use before it needs to be recharged. Using the USB charging cable, the lighter can be charged to at least 1.5 hours to be fully charged. There is no guesswork when it comes to recharging the ETERNITY Lighter too. It features a LED light that indicates when the lighter has already drained its battery and would need to be plugged in.

ETERNITY Lighter is a level up from the traditional plastic butane lighters. It is sleek designed, windproof, lightweight, and durable.

  • Wide color option
  • Designed with a Dual arc for a powerful plasma
  • Rechargeable through Micro USB
  • Windproof
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with accessories

  • The lighter releases a small flame

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Conclusion (Now You Know Which of The Best Plasma Lighter’s We Recommend To Buy?)

There is no mistaking that using a flameless lighter is far more efficient and effective compared to the traditional butane fueled lighters. It doesn’t need any refill, and it is windproof, something that is a level up to the mess of having to ignite a lighter again when the wind blows out the flame.

But in choosing the lighter, there are several factors to be considered. Some of these considerations can be based on preference, but others decide based on technical features as well.

The best lighter, for one, has to be made from a sturdy material to make sure that it can last long and wouldn’t be easily damaged under the hard weather conditions in the outdoors.

This atomic lighter review and buying guide can serve as tips on what to consider when choosing the best plasma lighters that are specific to your needs.

You have been able to see five excellent choices of lighters that are available to you out there.

All of these come with incredible safety features, starting with the fact that you don’t need to use butane to create some flame. This instantly makes it so that you can feel a lot safer with this kind of lighter, knowing that the potential for injury or fire is significantly reduced.

This is why the best plasma lighter is becoming such a popular choice for many consumers.

Regarding what is the best option available to you out there, what has to be considered is durability, design, efficiency, and how easy it is to take with you. While the SPARX is a fantastic one, its design is not made for you to be taking it with you in your purse or pocket. This limits its effectiveness.

The lighter that stands out. The reasons behind this are simple. Not only do you get a very powerful looking lighter, that you can take with you to any event, but it is also made to be a durable one. You don’t have to worry about taking it out camping, as this is a non-corrosive metal that will not be damaged by heavy rains or other conditions that you find yourself in.

This is a dual arc lighter, which means that you can use it for of the variety of smoking product and still be able to get the perfect kind of spark to get your item going. The arc electrodes are made with ceramic material to protect them from damage or corrosion, and you receive accessories that allow you to clean and maintain your lighter correctly.

Add to it the fact that it provides at least a 300 uses and is easily rechargeable, and it is easy to see why this makes the ideal choice for any consumer.

While you would not go wrong with any of the 5 options that have been offered to you, this one stands out the most.

One last note. These lighters are built to give you a great deal more protection regarding safety. You do not have flames that are produced by the lighter itself, making them significantly safer for you to use over traditional butane lighters.

However, this does not mean that they are a toy. Any lighter, even a plasma option, can be a danger if misused.

This is why it is essential that you keep it away from your children and store it in a place that is not easily reachable by your kids.

By doing so, you not only preserve the safety of your kids but increase the likelihood that your lighter will last for a more extended period.

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