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8 of the Best eWriter Tablet: 2020’s Outstanding Drawing Tablets

Boogie Board for kidsThe pad and paper have long been an absolute necessity for any student. Because of the need to learn how to write and to take notes, children all over the world have spent generations sitting at a desk, table or even on the couch in their home meticulously writing down important facts and figures, as well as improving their writing skills so that they can succeed academically. And this 2020many children and adults are much more included in buying the best ewriter tablet for their writing and learning activities.

For many, the computer replaced the need for the pad and paper because students soon found that they could take notes on their computer. However, this did not always work in helping students to learn how to write or was not an acceptable means of taking notes for many.

Students still wanted to be able to write things down, and now this ewriter reviews teaches us to allows them to do just that.

The best LCD ewriter gives students and other users an electronic device where they can take notes or simply write on the screen using the pen mechanism included with the best LCD writing tablet. In addition, this device provides an Internet connection that makes it so that you can use this device in a multitude of ways.

It truly is the perfect handheld device that allows you to get the most for your money.

This has quickly become a kind of device that many are finding quite useful and so you can easily find a product to suit your needs. This includes such devices as…


Top 8 of the Best Ewriter Tablet’s in the Market Today (October 23, 2018)

We are only giving you the 8 best ewriter tablets from our 10 product list. This ensures that our recommendations fit your needs.



Howshow 8.5inch E-Note Paperless LCD Writing Tablet Office Family School Drawing Graffiti Toy Gift

Howshow 8.5inch


  • Paperless, recycle - save 100000 pieces of paper
  • Good helper for students
  • Love your family enjoy your life - leave your message
  • To win at the beginning - Kids love doodle/graffiti/practice...
  • Unspoken words- convenient to carry/communicate with people
  • Erase button
  • Stylus holder (stylus included)
  • Durable, shatterproof plastic LCD
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Ultra-thin1, only 4.5mm thick
  • Pressure-sensitive writing surface


Howshow 12 Inch Writing Tablet With Stylus Pen Screen Lock Function Rough Writing Board

Howshow 12inch


  • Erase button
  • Stylus holder(stylus included)
  • Durable, shatterproof plastic LCD
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Ultra-thin, only 4.5mm thick
  • Pressure-sensitive writing surface


VSON 9Inch LCD Digital Drawing & Writing Tablet Handwriting Pads E-Note Paperless Graffiti  Board

VSON 9Inch


  • Paperless, recycle - save 100000 pieces of paper
  • Good helper for students
  • Love your family enjoys your life - leave your message
  • To win at the beginning - Kids love doodle/graffiti/practice...
  • Unspoken words- convenient to carry/communicate with people
  • Stylus holder (stylus included)
  • Durable, shatterproof plastic LCD
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Ultra-thin, only 10.5mm thick
  • Pressure-sensitive writing surface


LCD Writing Tablet Electronic Writing

LCD Writing Tablet Electronic Writing


  • With a handwriting pen, you can make handwriting easily on the board, it shows your handwriting clearly.
  • Easily remove handwriting via one erase button.
  • It is perfect for writing a memo, drafting, kids doodle, leaving a message, etc.
  • The 5-inches screen is suitable for daily use, small and portable.
  • With two adhesive stickers on the back of the writing tablet, you can stick it onto desk, refrigerator or any smooth surface you want
  • With a single move, the writing tablet can stand on the table, easy to find and look for the memo.
  • Reduce visual fatigue caused by watching the electronic screen for a long time. Environmental-friendly and save paper.


LCD Electronic Writing Painting Drawing Tablet Board Pad

LCD Electronic Writing Painting Drawing Tablet Board Pad


  • Wild Application: writing, drawing, making notes and drafting for students; Writing a memorandum, keeping track of inspiration for adults.
  • New Function: This writing tablet with an eraser at the top of the stylus, writing record can be erased partly, so you don't need to worry about your clerical error to ruin the whole picture anymore.
  • Convenient and Practical: Writing and Drawing on the tablet is just like on the paper, easy operation and high efficiency, erase your drawing just by a touch of the erase button. With a locking button, can temporarily keep your painting intact.
  • Portable & Super Light: easy to take in a purse, scheduler, briefcase or backpack, perfect for school, office, home use or other use.
  • Environmental Protection and Health: no paper and no ink, can be used recycled indefinitely, no hurt to eyes.
  • Best Gift: as a fun, educational and practical gift for both kids and adults of Birthday and all another festival.


Acepen AP1060

Acepen AP1060


  • Large active area 10 * 6 inch, which will give you more broad viewing angle. 
  • The button on the pen can be customized to eraser function, which can be set in the driver control panel.
  • Easy to operate, suitable for Windows XP/Vista/7/8(including 64-bit editions)/10 or for Mac OS X10.4 or higher.
  • 2048 levels pressure sensitivity makes your drawing lines smoother and gives you a natural feeling when you drawing.
  • The drawing screen delivers you brilliant colors, and 5080LPI resolution makes the image more vivid and ensures the color's accuracy.
  • 8 express keys and all can be customized freely to help you work effectively. The keys can be set in functions like, zoom in and out, undo, hand tool, brush tool, eraser, etc.
  • 220 P/S reading speed ensures even the lightest and fastest pen strokes are accurately captured and ensures the original handwriting could show perfectly.
  • Support for major drawing programs, such as, for Adobe Photoshop/Photoshop CC/SAI/Illustrator/3D Max/Autodesk Sketchbook/Corel Painter/Autodesk MAYA/ Pixologic/ZBrush, etc.


A1001 10 Inch LCD

A1001 10 Inch LCD


  • This re-writing board more efficient, environment-friendly.
  • Ideal for anyone who likes to take a lot of notes and make to-do lists, saving you a lot of paper and stick up notes.
  • Works erase, works again. Use the attached stylus or even your finger to write or draw, one key to erase all.
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight so you can take it to any places at any time. Make your life more convenient.
  • Best gifts for your children and students unleash their creativity any time and any places. Can be used as a memorandum or note board, to leave messages to family, friends, and co-workers.


8.5 Inch Portable LCD Writing Board

8.5 Inch Portable LCD Writing Board


  • Erase images quickly with the press of a button.
  • With erasing lock to avoid accidentally erased while you writing.
  • Made from solid plastic materials, safe to use even for kids.
  • Handwriting pen made of wear-resisting material for the great experience of writing or drawing.
  • Ultra thin and lightweight design, convenient to carry.
  • Great for cultivating children's writing, calculus, painting abilities, learn with fun.
  • Suitable for writing and drawing, leaving a home message, etc.


boogie board for student

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What to Like about the eWriter

The eWriter has made it so that the need for paper has basically come to an end. This device allows you to take notes in a digital format, and to not only be able to store those notes for easy reference at any point, but makes it so that sharing them with others becomes easier than ever. There is a great deal to like about these devices.

Easy to Use EwriterEasy to Use – many devices that you will buy out there, challenge you in the fact that it takes a fairly stiff learning curve to be able to fully enjoy the device. You need to learn a variety of tasks and commands to be able to gain the full benefits of the device, and this cannot only be frustrating but can leave you simply deciding not to use it any longer.

Take the new digital watches that connect into your phone. These come with a variety of different tasks that they can perform, but making the connection in getting the watch to do what you would like it to do can be a real chore. This has set many on a pathway of using this device for nothing more than a new watch to tell time.

The best ewriter tablet that you will find out there are made to be simple and easy to use. This makes it so that you can take notes and use the device simply and easily without having to battle to learn how to use or operate it. This saves your time and makes it the convenient product you are looking for.

Storage – if you have ever taken notes in a notebook you know what a hassle this can be to store those notes. Papers get torn, notebooks get lost, or things get spilled on your notes, causing a panic and leaving you wondering what you will do once you have lost your notes.

Using this kind of device eliminates these concerns that you may have because you have the ability to store your notes not only on the device itself, but can easily transfer via email or onto a flash drive. This gives you better protection of your notes and makes it so that you can store it in a location you can trust.

Storage Ewriter Boogie BoardPlus, there is the added advantage of being able to easily send your notes to someone who may have missed class for that day. Now you don’t need to make copies of your notes and hunt the person down to give them to them but instead can simply send the file via email so that they have the notes and you never had to do much work other than to attach the file to the email.

The Benefits Mount – These are just a couple of the benefits that you can have by purchasing one of these eWriter devices. The 9.7-inch screen provides plenty of room to be able to take notes and be able to view the display. These come with a microSD slot and also work with Bluetooth devices. You can also wirelessly connect to a network and attach to use on other displays.

These devices don’t need to simply be about taking notes. You will have the capability to easily draw or sketch on the screen. Several of these devices come with built-in panels that allow you to change colors and add shapes quickly and easily. This can make your artwork something I really spectacular, and all designed digitally using the eWriter.

You gain the additional benefits of being able to use your best ewriter tablet device much in the same way that you would use your tablet. All it does is provide you with additional functionality, while still allowing you to watch movies, play games, or perform any other task you would normally use your tablet for. This makes it an exceptional device that is well worth your investment.

How to Find a Quality eWriter?

Quality EwriterBecause this is an electronic device much like a tablet or a telephone, your purchase is based solely upon the specific needs that you have. You not only want to ensure that you are getting a device that has the proper storage space that you need on the device itself, but you also may want one that gives you the compatibility to be able to transfer files from your device to your laptop or flash drive.

The speed of the device is also important. This is not only measurable by the processor, but also by the storage capability on the device. The size of the screen display will make a difference as well, as some prefer the full 9.7 inches or even bigger, while others find a slightly smaller display to be perfectly acceptable.

The construction of the device is also important. You want to make sure that you have the best LCD writing board that can handle the wear and tear of going to and from class, with a screen that is able to handle the constant writing on the surface. A warranty is always a useful incentive to ensure peace of mind related to the durability of your product, so this should be another feature you are paying attention to before deciding to purchase your device.

How to use an eWriter?

How to use a eWriterAn eWriter is very easy to use. All that you have to do is to open up the application that allows you to write directly on the screen, and use your stylus pen as the means to transfer what you are writing onto the screen.

The pen very sensitive to capturing what you are writing, making sure that your work comes across easily.

In addition, you will find that the use of any application on the device is as easy as it would be on a tablet or telephone. There honestly is not much of the learning curve when using these devices.

What should I use an LCD eWriter for?

The great benefit of getting one of these devices is that what you would like to use it for is totally up to you. Whether you are looking for something to capture your notes, a device that you can draw images on, or simply something that can allow you to multitask, then you will likely find that this is the perfect product for you.

How should I use an LCD eWriter for

Where to buy a Boogie Board writing tablet?

There are many options available to you where you can make your purchase. You cannot only look at some of the top name electronic stores available in your community, such as Best Buy, but there is always Amazon and eBay as places to find good quality tablets. This is true of the writing tablet as well.

How Boogie Board works?

The Boogie Board is one of the more popular brands of eWriters that you will find on the market. Their devices work very much like any other kind of writing tablet that you would buy, but they usually provide greater sensitivity in terms of capturing the writing or drawing that you are doing. By opening the app on the Boogie Board, you can easily use this device and have the same kind of ease-of-use that you would find with virtually any other product of this nature.

Why Not Just Buy a Tablet

Many will read this article and think that if they are getting the same kinds of benefits that they would receive by purchasing a tablet then why not just go with that? That’s a good question, but you should be aware that the benefits of this device go beyond what the vast majority of tablets can provide.

While these devices provide you with the benefits of using a tablet, their primary purpose is to make sure that you have one that works perfectly to write on. Thus, the notes that you take in the diagrams that you design transfer perfectly from your hand through the stylus and onto the device without delays or missed strokes. This is one of the huge benefits of deciding to go with and eWriter instead of purchasing a tablet.

Boogie Board


Our Top 10 Picks for the Best Ewriter Tablet This 2020

There are good options available to you for purchasing an eWriter. If you are looking to find the best eWriter for yourself then here is a list of some good quality devices that you may want to consider.

1. Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

Boogie Board 8.5-Inch LCD Writing TabletThere it has been the discussion in this article about the difference between a tablet and an eWriter, and this is a device that gives you the benefits of both in one.

This device usually comes in an attractive and bright pink color which makes it the perfect choice for women, however you can buy it in other colors, including black. The slim design, just 1/8 of an inch thick, makes it ideal for sliding into your purse or briefcase. The display gives you up to 8.5 inches and the tablet comes with a stainless steel stylus that is perfect for both drawing and writing.

The device has a liquid crystal display and easily turns on at the touch of a button. There is a threefold battery inside the device which is rechargeable and made so that it never has to be replaced. The stylus does not use a battery, making it so that you do not have to worry about it losing its ability to operate with the device.

The case is made of a very durable plastic, and can handle the rigors of being carried in your backpack to and from school each day. The LCD is well protected as well, and you will find that this will really become a fantastic tool to use in your workplace or at school.

  • a small durable product that is easily transportable.
  • Sharp design and solid display make use quick and easy.
  • Cost is quite reasonable.
  • Very sharp overall appearance and effectiveness.

  • while they offer it for the office as well, this is made more for teens than adults.
  • Limited warranty.
  • Only an 8.5 inch display.


2. Boogie Board Sync 9.7-Inch LCD eWriter

Boogie Board Sync 9.7-Inch LCD eWriterWith a 9.7 inch LCD display, this LCD writing tablet may be the option you are looking for. It not only gives you the ideal device for taking class notes, but you also find that its ability to sink with a notebook or memo pad makes it a great choice for those who want to organize their notes effectively for their classes. In fact, you are able to easily sink between this device and a laptop or tablet using a Bluetooth.

In addition to being able to take notes, the device also offers you email and social media programs animal easily sync the desktop with other mobile devices.

This product easily fits on a desk or on your lap, for that matter, allowing you to be able to perform tasks wherever you are. A protective case keeps it from being damaged, and the stylus pen is easy to use and provides accurate transfer.

This is the kind of device that is made for a student or someone working at the office. Its design is made so that it does not look juvenile in any way, and it easily fits into a purse, briefcase, or even a portfolio binder.

It is a little bit pricier but gives you high definition display and an easy to use tool. The battery life can last up to three days making it one of the best on the market.

  • sharp design made for any age
  • weighs less than a pound.
  • High definition display
  • battery life of up to three days
  • easy transfer between devices

  • saving function for drawings can be a little cumbersome
  • Transfer of PDF to Evernote doesn’t work well


3. Boogie Board Jot LCD eWriter

Boogie Board Jot 4.5 LCD eWriterThis electronic Boogie Board comes in a multitude of colors, and has a 4.5 inch LCD display. For those who are looking for a mobile writing device that easily fits into their pocket, this may be exactly what you are looking for. Especially considering that the price is often less than $15. This makes it quite similar to the former devices that people used to keep track of their schedules, but adds a great many features that separate it.

The writing display is excellent, and the fine tip stylus that is attached to the device provides an accurate experience for you that makes it seem like you are writing with a pen on paper. The stylus also attaches securely to the device so you are not concerned about it being lost.

Boogie Board has quickly established themselves as the premier brand in terms of LCD writing tablets, and this is another great example of a product that you will find that is both useful and stylish looking.

This device weighs just 4 ounces, making it easy for anyone to carry and handle, and contains a threefold battery that should last you up to a day depending upon the amount of use.

  • small size makes it easy to take with you anywhere you go.
  • Writing display is sensational, and the stylus provided gives you a fine tip option.
  • Many different colors to provide you with the kind that suits your style.
  • Boogie Board is one of the best brands on the market.

  • if you are looking for an eWriter with great functionality this is not your choice.
  • No cover provided.
  • You cannot transfer your notes directly from the device to your computer


4. Boogie Board Jot LCD eWriter

Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD eWriterif you like the benefits of the Jot but one a larger sized display, and this is the perfect option for you. At 8.5 inches, this LCD eWriter is just what you are looking for. You will find that it provides a very bright and clear display to you, up to 50% brighter than most other models that you will find on the market.

The writing experience is one that is easy and effective. Whether you are drawing images or taking notes, you will find that the transfer shows clearly and gives you the exact kind of product you are looking for.

One of the things that people really like about this model is that it comes with integrated magnets, which allow you to mount this to surfaces that magnets will stick to. This allows you to not only store the device in this manner, but post memos or even images for others to view. There is also a kickstand that makes it so that you can set it on a tabletop to take notes on or for people to view a display.

If there is one major concern about this device is that several have reported that this product will fail after 10 uses of the erase button. While upgrades have been made to, in this Boogie Board review it is found that this is still an issue. Consult with the manufacturer before deciding to make this purchase to ensure that this problem has been remedied.

  • great functionality that makes it a device you can use for many purposes.
  • Outstanding display which is significantly brighter than most other models on the market.
  • Writing that appears is clear

  • battery is not rechargeable but is replaced manually.
  • Serious issues with the erase button on a device.
  • Many report having significant issues with this product.


5. Boogie Board Play & Trace LCD eWriter

Boogie Board Play & Trace LCD eWriterThis is a very unique eWriter tablet because it not only allows you to write on the tablet, but this has a unique screen that is clear, so you can trace as well. This makes it the perfect eWriter for your children if they are learning how to write, or for you if you want to trace figures or drawings so that you can learn to draw those figures. It is a great display that both children and adults will love to use.

The stylus is double-sided which allows you to be able to draw both thick and thin lines, which makes it so you can do some fine detail in your drawings or writings, or to go with bigger lines and borders. In fact, what you will really like about this eWriter is that it is shaped like a little artist palette which will make you feel like a little artist when you are using the device.

While there are other features that make this a great machine, but it is this unique feature that really makes it stand out. Kids will love having the ability to draw and let their creativity really shine forth. The play n’ trace pack that comes with it gives you a set of great activities that your child will love and you may even find them to be a lot of fun to do yourself.

The device uses AAA batteries as its power source, so there is no rechargeable option. It weighs less than a pound and is quite easy to carry and hold. The learning exercises will help your child to grow and become a better learner.

  • Trace screen will really help your child to learn and make drawing a lot of fun.
  • Stylus gives you great flexibility by being two-sided.
  • Activity exercises and plates.
  • Fun for all ages.
  • Great design

  • Not rechargeable.
  • Some find it a little juvenile in its appearance.


6. Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

Boogie Board 10.5 Inch LCD Writing TabletThis is one of the larger sized LCD writing tablets, providing a display of 10.5 inches. This tablet is built to provide a very low amount of energy consumption during use, so that you get an extended battery life in comparison to some of the other eWriter options that you would find out there.

This Boogie Board option has one of the finest LCD pressure-sensitive screens to write on, helping you to create perfect images, and assisting in writing. The stylus is designed for the fine tip kind of production as well as allowing you to draw thicker lines. You are also able to use your finger if you would desire to do so, making it so that you can get even thicker design shapes.

Included with the tablet is a case to protect and a cleaning cloth. This is an addition to the stylus pen. This is one of the best paperless writing tablets that you will find on the market. With exceptional display and an easy to use tablet, you will find that you can get hours of enjoyment from this device without needing to replace the batteries.

  • uses a minimal amount of power to operate.
  • Great display with high-resolution appearance.
  • Can use to stylus pen or your finger.
  • You can lock the erase button to ensure that you don’t lose images.
  • Protective case helps to keep your device safe.

  • Does not use rechargeable batteries.
  • You need to purchase the Boogie Board Rip to be able to transfer drawings onto your computer.


7. YOHOOLYO Writing Tablet LCD Electronic Board eWriter

YOHOOLYO Writing Tablet 8.5 Inch LCD Electronic Board eWriterThis is not a brand that has become synonymous with the writing tablet, but this eWriter has quickly established itself with a high-quality display and a very bright and workable 8.5 inch screen. This gives you the ability to have plenty of area to write and create images, plus you will like how easy the device is to use.

While the display is a key feature that makes this a good device to purchase, it is also the ease of transfer between computer or other device to your eWriter that has many interested in wanting to make this a device of their own. You can make a connection through Bluetooth technology and the device comes with a port to be able to put in an SDcard.

This means that the work that you are doing can easily be stored in another location so that it is not lost in any way.

This device provides quite possibly one of the best LCD electronic board tablets that you will find meaning you are getting the satisfaction of a quality device that can run additional apps be on the writing or drawing options, and get a quality screen to view them through.

  • excellent display.
  • Ease-of-use.
  • Ability to transfer is easy from the device to laptop or other mobile device.
  • Writing is a snap on the screen.
  • You will like how well other apps work on this device

  • some find the amount of power the app delivers to be limiting.
  • Not rechargeable


8. Writing Tablet for Kids

Writing Tablet for Kids - 8.5-Inch Digital Drawing and Graphics Paperless NotepadWhile many find that these eWriters are perfect for people of all ages, there are specific ones that are built to help kids to grow in their education and maturity. In fact, this device is designed to make it so that your child will have an even greater opportunity to grow.

This writing tablet is compatible for those that are both deaf or mute, and can work with your child from the earliest ages all the way through college. The apps and skill activities that are provided with this device will teach your child the essentials of learning to add, subtract, write letters, and even write in cursive. It will even take your child up through learning such things as calculus and anatomy.

The device gives you the option of being able to write with your stylus or to use your finger. The one touch button makes it so that a racing notes and other files on your computer is fairly easy to do.

There is a 3 V lithium battery that can last up to 20,000 erases before needing to be recharged. The LCD display is pressure sensitive making drawing and writing, even with your fingertip, and easy thing to do. This is an ultrathin device that is just about 4.5 mm in width and weighs just a few ounces.

While a fairly simplistic machine to operate, many will find this to be a great tablet that they can use even in their workplace. People who are teachers, doctors, and even designers find that this is the ideal eWriter for them to be able to use. Truly a great option especially at very low price.

  • great educational exercises to help your child grow.
  • Lightweight yet powerful device.
  • Allows you to use stylus or fingertip.
  • Perfect for person of any age.
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery.

  • some find is designed a little juvenile.
  • Durability has been a question mark.


9. E-Writer Paperless Memo Pad Tablet

E Writer 8.5 Paperless Memo Pad Tablet BlueThis eWriter comes with an ultrathin width, less than 1/8 of an inch, it has a great LCD display that is 8.5 inches. What you will really like about this particular eWriter is that it is incredibly durable, created with a non-toxic plastic that is also pressure sensitive to ensure that it is not damaged. The LCD display is also pressure sensitive, making it easy to write and draw on, plus you will find that cleaning it and keeping it maintained are easy to do as well.

This device comes with a stylus writer that you can use for writing and drawing, but you actually can use just about anything on the display, including your finger. The screen will read this well and this gives you the functionality to be able to draw in larger swatches or in a fine tip.

Included with the device is a stainless steel stylus, a neoprene sleeve, a stylus clip, and magnets. This allows you to attach the device against an object that is magnetized so that you can leave the eWriter to display a memo or an image.

There is a 3V battery in the device, which is rechargeable and has a long life to it. This device is perfect to accomplish many different tasks that you may have, including writing memos, keeping events, taking notes at school, or drawing images.

While it is a great device for maintaining your records or for keeping notes, is the durability of this device that really helps it to stand out. You want to get an eWriter that will handle the rigors of your daily schedule, and this is the perfect option, especially at such lower price.

  • a durable device was shatterproof LCD display.
  • 8.5 inch display provides excellent images.
  • Easy to use to write or draw on.
  • Battery life provides over 50,000 erase cycles.
  • Fits inside any purse or backpack and becomes your new scheduler.

  • limited in terms of additional app options available.


10. Parallel Halo LCD Writing Tablet

Parallel Halo 8.5-Inch LCD Writing Tablet- Drawing and Writing BoardWhile a perfect device for people of all ages, many find that this is becoming the perfect gift for their child. This device contains a pressure sensitive screen that allows you to create lines of different width or thickness based upon how hard you press on the screen itself. A stylus is included with the device, but you can use any object to accommodate the work that you are doing. This is why many use pens and pencils while using the writing tablet.

The case is made of a durable plastic, as is the LCD screen. This makes it a durable product that is able to handle the back and forth from school to home. Besides its durability, this is a lightweight device which makes it easy to carry and use, and its 8.5 inch display is perfect for people of all ages.

The battery will last up to two years before needing to be replaced, and is actually an easy operation to remove and replace the battery. It uses a low amount of power for consumption during operation and is able to hold a charge for an extended period of time.

The device is ultrathin, about 1/8 of an inch, and weighs less than 4 ounces. That makes it easy to stow, including in your pocket, meaning you can easily take it with you anywhere you go.

  • ultrathin and lightweight.
  • Durable case.
  • Extended battery life.
  • Easy to use and great for kids.
  • Gives you the advantage to use any object to write with.

  • functionality is limited.
  • Lacks some of the functionality for drawing that other tablets provide.

Lets Wrap it UP!


The eWriter is a great device that people of all ages can use for work, school, or play. It is quickly becoming an essential tool in helping children to learn how to perform a wide variety of tasks and this makes it a device that virtually any parent would find useful in assisting their child.

While any of these devices would be a great option to go with, the Boogie Board 10.5 Inch LCD Writing Tablet has really stood out in this eWriter and Boogie Board review for several reasons. It starts with the fact that this cost just about $25, making it an affordable option that is perfect to help your child with his or her learning, or for you to use in your office.

The display on this device is exceptional, giving you a high-resolution appearance and you have the added benefit of a lock to keep from losing images while you are working on them. This is a common problem for many who use these types of devices, but this product has insured that you don’t face this issue.

The protective case keeps your device safe and secure from damage, and it is built with a durable plastic that can handle the rigors of everyday life.

You have been given a lot of information to help you make an informed decision on what may be the best eWriter for yourself. Like any other kind of electronic device, it really suits your needs in terms of what would be best for you. One thing you will know is that this is a smart investment for any person who is looking to improve their child’s success at school or to give themselves a great device to use at work.

Of course, one other consideration to think about before making any decision upon whether to buy an eWriter or what kind to buy. This can also be based upon the cost, with some of these devices costing as little as $15 and others reaching near $100.

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