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Know why we started TOPPROBE

Why I Made this decision by creating TOPPROBE.COM, It was when I was searching online for a certain book for my office works then i stumbled upon a blog which was selling my preferred book “The book i was looking for” But then this blog was stating that it was at this price $$$ and I was really confused on why was the big was so expensive.. and then when I tried contacting the owner of the blog he didn’t reply..

So I still bought the book though, But I was not happy with the process of it. So It came to a time that I was in the park “Shown in the photos below” Me and my Wife Elaine talked about that experience and she suggested that I should build my Own blog which is for reviewing and testing the things I will write or blog about. So that was the start of TOPPROBE.COM.. I know it is a little bit confusing or short story. But What I can promise you “READERS” is that I will only provide REAL REVIEWS that I aim to educate readers..


Please Enjoy my blog! If you have a time to share my blog.. Please feel free =)


Me with my 2 Daughter and Son with Wife

Me with my 2 Daughters and Wife

We are having fun at the park



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Contact Email: info@topprobe.com.

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